The following question comes from yesterday's MOOC Talk, given by Mark McBride and moderated by Michele Forte. Tom Mackey posed this question right near the end of the event.  It might suggest different things to different individuals, which will be interesting in itself.  (For UUNL300x students: My recommendation is to view the MOOC Talk first, and then respond. Please feel free to include responses or connections to others' comments when you do.)

Please describe a situation where you learned something through a community. Would you have learned this if the community were not involved?




10/05/2013 5:31pm

I live in Brooklyn and during the last hurricane when New York city, I learned emergency evacuation techniques through the community by volunteering.

10/08/2013 8:24pm

In a community I developed maturity. During my sophomore year of high school I joined the Blue Nile Rights of Passage Program. Through this process I learned grown men who volunteered their SAturday Mornings to help teach me and peers the way to get through the adversity of society. This program changed my life, and I am forever grateful for the lessons I learned.


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